Chance Armstrong & Charlie Spats

This scene is directed by Charlie Spats. Filmed by Miss Pussy Liquor & crew. Edited by Bren Ryder.

Part 1:

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A trip down to Seattle led Charlie Spats to this amazing space and some man on man, hot trans action. Spats playfully swings on a swing, but goofball, Chance Armstrong, quickly gets him out of his clothes and into the action.

Part 2:

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In Part 2, Chance and Spats jerk it, pump it, suck it, and fuck it. Taking their sex to a greater level of intensity they still maintain their playful giggles and hot fun.

Part 3:

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What a better way to end this hot and playful scene, but with Spats’ fist inside Chance. These boys clearly enjoy fucking each other. Chance knows what he wants and Spats is eager to deliver.

Part X:

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Post-scene interview. Chance and Spats talk about what they liked best about the scene. And Chance talks about what he thinks, as a transgender guy, about being included in “dyke porn”.


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Chance Armstrong debuts with Charlie Spats in this swinging porno (as in, they swing on a swing). Watch the full scene with this complete clip or view and download individual parts. These two transguys are so sexy and adorable and give you a glimpse into the sexuality of differently gendered bits and how they use them for maximum pleasure.


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