Dylan Ryan & Lily Cade

This is a film submission directed by Lily Cade.

Part 1:

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We love to feature authentic sex between women (not just women) and that includes sex between professional queer porn stars. Lily Cade, lesbian porn star, and Dylan Ryan, mainstream and queer porn star, created this hot and beautiful scene of sexy lesbian sex. Seriously, it’s so gay. I love it!

Part 2:

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In Part 2, Lily Cade keeps her boots on and accessorizes her outfit with her hot strap-on cock. Using various positions these two fuck hard, united by Lily’s expert motion of her cock. Continuing to orgasm, Dylan and Lily clearly have an intense connection.

Part 3:

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After the cock comes off, Lily Cade receives the benefit of Dylan Ryan's expert tongue and fingers.


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The entire scene in one clip. Enjoy these beautiful women getting it on with fingers, strap-on cocks, oral sex and sweet and sexy kissing.


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